Friday morning phantasy

August 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

I’m a happy camper these days. Last night I made a trip to IKEA with my Mum where we bought two very beautiful and simple lamps – one for her, one for this household. Needless to say, with her impeccable taste, she beautified it once we got home and now a rather cute, summery balloon is hanging in our hallway.

I also took her to the restaurant-cafe where I eat almost daily – when I’m in Geneva, that is. I love the atmosphere there, the food, the décor. We shared an eclair, got some coffee and chatted away. This is one of my favourite pasttimes, and yet I get to do it so rarely: just sitting in a nice cafe with a dear one and talking over coffee. It’s good for the soul.

But with the eclair being so delicious, on our way out we got one for my Dad and one for Little Buddha. I also bought an assortment of cheeses from Valais and once we got home, I indulged in cheese and amazingly tasty red wine. We went to bed very happy. Yes, some days the hormonal flow is just perfect. 🙂

This morning I’m dreaming colours, and because I know for a fact that dreams do come true, I will share it with you:  a mid-morning with crisp air and creamy light beyond the heavy shades of the room. Big smile and rustic, yet light breakfast ready for us. Lots of frothy, strong coffee and of course, pink-pale grapefruit juice. Then a big hike in the mountains. Hazelnut colored leaves, brown earth smelling of rain, trees wearing capes of dark green, auburn, strong yellow. I’m wearing military style shorts, comfy boots and wool socks, a checkered shirt and a pony tail. We’re carrying nuts, dried apricots and dark chocolate with us. Our bare souls hike hand in hand.

In the early evening I catch up with the world in a cashmere sweater, the colour of cappuccino. I read away and drift away on the terrace, book in one hand, wine in the other. [There’s something about me and wine lately… am I falling for the velvety drink that spins my head around? It’s for the better, anyway.] It’s very quiet and now, more than ever, I can feel that autumn is coming home. I’ve built a turban on my head out of a huge, orange scarf that I picked up years ago in London. With my sun kissed skin and long, green earrings, you’d think India was visiting Switzerland.

-somehow, in my head the picture above is very similar to a bucolic landscape that got stamped in my brain years ago, in Heidelberg: it was raining and I was looking at splendid mountains from this cute, white room. Little Buddha was sitting behind me and I could feel his smile between my ears. That was one of the most peaceful and happy moments in my life. A whole month spent in that incredibly dense happiness.

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