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Nu stiu altii cum sunt, dar eu, de cand m-am trezit azi-dimineata zgribulita si cu niste senzatii neplacute in gat, sunt acut constienta ca vine toamna. Toamna – de care eu una sunt iremediabil indragosita, dar care inseamna zile racoroase, seri mai repezi, lumina tot mai putina, si cu cantitatea de lumina scade proportional si cheful meu de a mai face tot felul de lucruri…

Asa ca incerc sa ma motivez sa ma trezesc dimineata inainte de vreme si sa ma ascund sub o patura de liniste cu o cafea aburinda pe care o aromez cu scortisoara. Incerc sa ma imbrac in haine fluide in care sa nu imi fie frig, sa ma inconjor de culori aprinse (portocaliul e marele favorit zilele astea) si sa mananc hrana de sezon. Pentru seara imi voi programa un periaj cu noua manusa de corp (da da, din Tara Bascilor), un dus fierbinte si un ceai… de tei sau musetel. Si apoi ma voi adanci intr-o carte, caci multe si minunate volume ma tot asteapta… Cum pasiunea mea pentru beletristica a fost resuscitata acum ceva vreme, voi cauta romane ale scriitorilor nordici, e ceva care ma atrage in lumea fiordurilor si a contrastului alb-negru.

De ce spun toate astea? Sunt mai degraba remindere pentru mine, caci prea adesea, de indata ce vine frigul, ma zgribulesc in mine insami si hibernez in niste emotii si sentimente nu foarte placute… Si asta cu toate ca in timpul zilei intru intr-un vartej de energie si activitate.
Asa ca, intentia mea este sa traiesc fiecare lucru asa cum e el dat, sa ma detasez mental de fluviul zilei, curgand impreuna cu el si sa imi creez mici ochiuri de apa, sau oaze de liniste…

Norocoasa lumii

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Feeling loose 'n light :)Parca s-a abatut asupra mea tot norocul lumii si in poala mi s-au adunat, cuminti, stelele cerului. Am sorbit apa oceanului, sarata si inspumata, nenumarate pahare de vin de Rioja aspru si pahare de beri racoritoare.Si nelipsitele cafele. Mi-am plimbat pielea peste tesaturi de panza, peste piele italieneasca atent cusuta, peste lana si peste nisip. Mi-am aruncat privirea inspre cer, inspre largul si adancul Oceanului… sau al farfuriei cu creveti inobilati cu usturoi, sau al trupurilor tinere, pleznind de sanatate sub pielea aramie. Si eu am un trup tanar, sanatos, acum e de culoarea ciocolatei. Mi-am purtat pasii prin piete mari, masurandu-ma cu cladiri inalte, balcoane si terase asa cum numai spaniolii stiu construi. Si pe nisipul pe care, ah, cum il urasc. Si pe stradute nenumarate, dar nu, de data asta n-am mai obosit.
Ne-am pierdut printre vase de ceramica, prin magazine de artizanat, printre rochii care aluneca frumos pe trupuri zvelte, prin cartiere cu case scumpe si palmieri. Am dormit si am mancat, am baut, am tinut piept valurilor, am devorat tostada cu branza de capra, nenumarati pesti, nenumite pintxos, eclere cu spuma de ciocolata cu rom, am mers, am iubit, am facut poze, am ras, am cumparat cadouri care ma fac fericita.
A fost vacanta, si-o sa mai fie. Sunt norocoasa lumii, caci am avut o vara de exceptie si-acum astept toamna cu tot belsugul ei.

a venit vacanta cu trenul din Franta

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suntem intre ocean si munti. stop. ieri am fost la pamplona si seara la san sebastian. stop. berea e buna si vinul si mai si. stop. e BINE si o sa mai fie. stop.

I know for a fact…

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SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAI know for a fact that we will have our house in the mountains. Built out of wood and stone, standing firmly atop of a hill, covered by sunny skies. There will be 3 bedrooms and a guest room, a large living room, a lovely kitchen and an office in the attic. There will be a playroom for the kids, with trampolines and puzzles and kids’ books. When I come home from work I love spending time nestled in a cushion in the attic, relaxing with a book and pulling myself together to face the kids and the Husband. 🙂 That is my moment of solitude and silence and I utterly need it after a long day’s work.

We have a huge garden with magnolias, lilacs, cherry trees and jasmine bushes. Little Buddha built a tree house for the kids where they like to entertain themselves. And us, adults, we like to spend time together and debrief the day in the kioskue. That’s also where we invite our friends for lovely dinners when I can prove what a domestic goddess I can be.
When it’s hot we jump straight into the pool or dunk our feet in the river that passes behind our house.
This river is a blessing as we can easily water the big vegetable garden where we grow everything from tomatoes, potatoes, garlic and onions to zucchini, carrots, salad and parsley. I love getting my hands dirty taking care of our beautiful garden and then making a quiche that I know the kids and Little Buddha will love.

We have blocked time for when everyone studies or reads or works. While our little boy may be practising the piano in the living room, my man and I are concocting business plans in the attic. I sit on the floor nestled between books and papers, a cup of coffee and a pitcher of lemonade to the side.Little Buddha, as usual, sits up straight by the massive wooden desk and vividly explains how he sees things for us 10 years from now. This kind of conversation takes anything from 30 minutes to 3 hours and then each of us goes back to our own business.

-to be continued-

I don’t dislike art. I just don’t like artists

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‘Performances’ like this make me cringe with horror.

Today I read quite a bit about this woman and It’s not necessarily the experiments that bother me, it’s the illusion of being an Artist with a capital A. I watched an interview with Marina: she was saying that in order to make art, you need a dedicated space, a context. Well, that sounded SO boring and artificial to me. And to think she is getting so many accolades, that the whole world is turning to her with admiration… this looks to me like sheer stupidity.

And maybe I don’t understand art… but what do you need in order to be entitled to be an art critic? Is it the many art theory books you read? The countless visits to museums, shows, exibitions, happenings, performances? I don’t think so. I run away like crazy from artificially-invented spaces and from people who pretend to be artists or who pretend to understand art. I run away from fake and from self-invented gods.

There is really so much beauty, pain, emotion in millions of scenes that happen every single day around the world and we don’t call that art. But when we slice life and plant it in a ‘lab’ only to morph it into a ‘piece of art’ – THAT is non sense and it utterly lacks value.

Marina Abramovic – The Artist is Present. I’m just wondering if she would be present at all, in all her honesty, if cameras wouldn’t follow her everywhere, if other eyes wouldn’t be watching, if she wouldn’t expressly offer her body to everyone, if her life and love and everything wouldn’t be documented at all?…
If this is art, I guess I ain’t buyin’ a ticket.

Sunshine Reggae

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These pasy few days I could feel autumn silently walking in the city. But today’s hot, really hot and I’m making plans for our upcoming holiday. Which is going to be here

Having dropped my parents at the airport this morning, I have a clear to-do list: get a Basque Country travel guide, paint my nails, leave the house spotless clean, do some last minute shopping. In fact something is me is frolicking… maybe the thought of 10 days by the Ocean, or hiking in the Pyrenees, packing my brains in one bag and dropping it for the waves to wash it away…

August will be my last month of ‘idleness’. Starting September, I pretty much have my calendar booked until mid-2014.  But, let’s not anticipate… There are mountains to climb, books to read, kissess to give and prayers to say…today. I’m having a great week (because Little Buddha made me laugh first thing this morning) and I hope you too.

Friday morning phantasy

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I’m a happy camper these days. Last night I made a trip to IKEA with my Mum where we bought two very beautiful and simple lamps – one for her, one for this household. Needless to say, with her impeccable taste, she beautified it once we got home and now a rather cute, summery balloon is hanging in our hallway.

I also took her to the restaurant-cafe where I eat almost daily – when I’m in Geneva, that is. I love the atmosphere there, the food, the dĂ©cor. We shared an eclair, got some coffee and chatted away. This is one of my favourite pasttimes, and yet I get to do it so rarely: just sitting in a nice cafe with a dear one and talking over coffee. It’s good for the soul.

But with the eclair being so delicious, on our way out we got one for my Dad and one for Little Buddha. I also bought an assortment of cheeses from Valais and once we got home, I indulged in cheese and amazingly tasty red wine. We went to bed very happy. Yes, some days the hormonal flow is just perfect. 🙂

This morning I’m dreaming colours, and because I know for a fact that dreams do come true, I will share it with you:  a mid-morning with crisp air and creamy light beyond the heavy shades of the room. Big smile and rustic, yet light breakfast ready for us. Lots of frothy, strong coffee and of course, pink-pale grapefruit juice. Then a big hike in the mountains. Hazelnut colored leaves, brown earth smelling of rain, trees wearing capes of dark green, auburn, strong yellow. I’m wearing military style shorts, comfy boots and wool socks, a checkered shirt and a pony tail. We’re carrying nuts, dried apricots and dark chocolate with us. Our bare souls hike hand in hand.

In the early evening I catch up with the world in a cashmere sweater, the colour of cappuccino. I read away and drift away on the terrace, book in one hand, wine in the other. [There’s something about me and wine lately… am I falling for the velvety drink that spins my head around? It’s for the better, anyway.] It’s very quiet and now, more than ever, I can feel that autumn is coming home. I’ve built a turban on my head out of a huge, orange scarf that I picked up years ago in London. With my sun kissed skin and long, green earrings, you’d think India was visiting Switzerland.

-somehow, in my head the picture above is very similar to a bucolic landscape that got stamped in my brain years ago, in Heidelberg: it was raining and I was looking at splendid mountains from this cute, white room. Little Buddha was sitting behind me and I could feel his smile between my ears. That was one of the most peaceful and happy moments in my life. A whole month spent in that incredibly dense happiness.

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