What goes around comes around. The Law of Attraction

August 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

Having come back from a (very) hot and cool holiday on the French beaches by the Mediterranean I found I was having a hard time readjusting to my healthy lifestyle. Suddenly I was weary of eating salads, my energy levels had dipped and my mind was feeling foggy. I may credit that to the extreme temperatures at the beach or maybe… is it just that like attracts like?

Let me explain: while in France my diet was not ideal. Yes, I had lovely fruit and chia fresca in the morning, some salads here and there… but I also had French fries, more baguette than I would like to admit and lots of fish-based dishes. And beer. We would eat too much and too late. I’ve learned that the food I eat and the times I eat it at has a huge influence on my well-being and explains while I felt less than ideal upon returning home.

Like attracts like: the leaner food I eat, the leaner I feel and the more inclined I am to continue in that way. The more inspired I feel, the more amazing things I attract. If I am hard-working today, chances are tomorrow I will accomplish even more. If I give love to my family and friends, love will come back to me ten-fold. If I go for a run today, I might do so tomorrow and the day after – OK, this one is not so easy. šŸ™‚

The whole point is to start somewhere: start with something positive which will breed positivity in its own turn. Case in point: last night I went to bed earlier and read a nice book before falling asleep. I woke up well rested and the fog in my brain had disappeared, leaving room for a lot of clarity and a sense of purpose. I am slowly picking up where I left at: reminding myself why I love salads so much, that this is a blessed time of the year to eat healthy and enjoy nature. Simple as that. Tonight I’m putting a big smile on my face and going for a run.


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