Flexibility around food

July 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

While my last post gave an overview of tips & tricks for better organising our lives, this time around I will talk about learning to be flexible and the benefits that comes with.

I used to be an all or nothing person: either I ate really healthy food or went all junk for the whole day; either I worked really really hard or did nothing. I also had days (and nights) of intense studying, followed by days of complete burn-out. But that is highly ineffective and one soon comes to realise that nothing is either black or white. Life’s not about feeling like a champ and then feeling like an idiot. In fact what really gets you there is making the best of what you have, adapting, cutting here and adding there and generally trying to be balanced while still staying strong to your values.

One of the things I have improved on is being flexible about nutrition. Just to give you a quick example: last night I prepared my porridge for this morning. However today I woke up with a craving for something spreadable and salty and the porridge just did not appeal to me. So I satisfied my craving and had some pumpernickel with ajvar – a paste made of eggplant, red pepper and tomatoes and saved the porridge for lunch.

So one of life’s great lessons is that the easier you adapt and move on, the better. Worst thing you can do sometimes is get stuck and push something that does not feel right just because you want to go according to plan or according to your principles.

What matters is that at the end of the day (or the week or life) things tend to balance out and so there is no need to obsess about anything or try too hard. 

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