A little less conversation… (1)

July 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

… A little more action

It is a truth universally acknowledged that women tend to complain a little too much and become victims of carefully crafted fictions.If someone could follow the narrative going on in a woman’s brain they would be… speechless, to say the least.

My husband doesn’t appreciate all the effort I make to keep him happy. My boss is jealous of my presentation skills and afraid I will take his place, which is why he doesn’t promote me. My jeans have become a little tight lately… no wonder with all the chocolate and chips I’m eating. Soon I will become this huge elephant covered in cellulite. And I have a ton of zits… But I just get CRAZY every time my mom lectures me. She always critises me and God knows she’s not better than me in any way. Why then did dad divorce her?!? Yeah, I’m just like my mother and one day my husband will just get a divorce and leave me. After all, he spends hours on Facebook staring at gorgeous bodies… that is what they are, flawless young bodies… Little does he know women are just after money. I should make more effort and keep him happy. Maybe buy a new sexy dress and … yeah right, who am I kidding? When he’s with me all he keeps thinking of is football and other women!!! I’m hopeless (sighs and chocolate).

This self-sabotaging scenario can unfold every single day. You put on this tape and listen to it over and over again, then  break in tears and feel sorry for yourself. You think ‘what if I could just be different, more like….(insert name of person with longer legs, better job etc.). And cry some more feeling hopeless and helpless.

What can help? A lot of things, but a here-and-now solution is a glass of water, a deep breath and running shoes. That’s right, you put on your running shoes, get out and run until that movie in your head is over.

With this, I’m off for a run. 😀

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