maelstrom vs. river flowing

June 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

In German, Maelstrom means whirlpool. Figuratively, it refers to those situations where you are being sucked into something, pulled and twisted in all directions without any sense of control or direction. This happens a lot in life and then things start feeling really chaotic and meaningless, bringing about a lot of pain and confusion.

River flowing is a concept I am trying to deepen and apply to my own life. It means accepting what life pours into your cup, appreciating that reality changes every second and learning to be part of this change. When a river flows all movement gets combined in a synergetic and effortless action. You may be a rock or a fish or a grain of sand or a molecule of water – but you flow anyway.At times you might develop into an independent stream of water, but that is fine too, because you are still flowing and still in the same direction.

So my focus for today is this: let go and flow. Perfection is created second by second and it is liquid.




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