I just came back from running and….

June 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

I. feel. great. It was amazing to be running outside, breathe the evening-in-June air, looking at the mountains while running up and down the hills, listening to my favourite tracks or sometimes just to the sound of my own breath.When I came back I was red like a beetroot and felt I could’ve gone on an oooon.

I’ll remember this feeling next time I’m in doubt whether to go running or not… 😉

falling down the Rabbit’s hole

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It’s a universal law of human existence: no one lives in a happy bubble forever. Things are going well and you’re all cheerful and positive about the future when bannng!something hits.

It could be a major health problem, a painful break-up, losing your job or your home or a baby or your self-confidence. Heck, sometimes it’s nothing at all – just a major je ne sais quoi, an existential ocean of depression, boredom or laziness that debilitates you nevertheless.

When we fall down the Rabbit’s hole we are forced to focus on ourselves – which is not necessarily a good thing. I too am trying to educate myself to see every problem as an opportunity for a breakthrough. When I look at the past and all the difficult times I  see a huge potential for growth in exactly those situations which made me more desperate. But that is a matter of perspective which is hard to acquire when you’re in the middle of the maelstrom.

Some tips and tricks are in order:

* take a break – but not a Kit Kat :). step away. breathe. be with the pain. acknowledge and accept the pain.take your time with this.

* get to the heart of the matter – what is the underlying issue? what can you do to make things better? what is it that you just need to accept?

* make a game plan – make baby steps, establish milestones, ask for help, share your story. don’t be afraid that you will be judged. everyone has been down the Rabbit’s hole and if they don’t admit it it’s because they are too scared

* be grateful. I don’t think I can emphasize the importance of this exercise enough. I am a great believer in the fact that abundance brings about abundance.When you focus on what you’re lacking you are often whiny and negative about everything. Soon even those people that stood by you will  start to disappear because they feel useless – and that drives you even crazier. But stop and appreciate whatever small thing in your own little bubble. Make a list of all the positive things that are happening to you and be consistent with this habit. It might seem artificial in the beginning, but keep at it.

[ Here’s a short list of things I am grateful for right now: the fact that I have the opportunity to see the mountains every day and I can explore nature, just like I’ve always wanted; My family and friends who are so incredibly supportive and show their love; Time. I am grateful for the time I am given to clear things for myself and get my act together; Challenges – they are leaps of faith in myself and life; The books I am reading]

* exercise – working out is a great way to fuel yourself up and get rid of your ‘demons’ in a productive way. 🙂 Make this a habit. When we run into problems one of the side-effects is that we also stop taking care of our bodies. But trust me, the last thing you want is to end up stuffing yourself with junk and feeling sorry about yourself afterwards. If anything, try to eat sparingly – this is not a time for food extravaganza.

And finally, trust the process. Pain is a transformational experience – take it as it is. It will pass (just like everything else does), but this is your chance to learn something incredibly valuable.


maelstrom vs. river flowing

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In German, Maelstrom means whirlpool. Figuratively, it refers to those situations where you are being sucked into something, pulled and twisted in all directions without any sense of control or direction. This happens a lot in life and then things start feeling really chaotic and meaningless, bringing about a lot of pain and confusion.

River flowing is a concept I am trying to deepen and apply to my own life. It means accepting what life pours into your cup, appreciating that reality changes every second and learning to be part of this change. When a river flows all movement gets combined in a synergetic and effortless action. You may be a rock or a fish or a grain of sand or a molecule of water – but you flow anyway.At times you might develop into an independent stream of water, but that is fine too, because you are still flowing and still in the same direction.

So my focus for today is this: let go and flow. Perfection is created second by second and it is liquid.



smiling lotus

June 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

I have a great idea for a brand new project I will roll out soon. I think I might have found the missing link in my puzzle: small steps is what makes the difference in the long term.

So I will start with a small step, with the intention that it transforms into a habit:

treat your body as if it was a temple

today I focus on treating my body with kindness, nourishing it and challenging it too. I started the day with a lot of water, followed by grated apples with hemp seeds on top – I was really craving for such a fresh and crisp breakfast. I plan to combine raw and cooked foods and focus on each bite, observing how my body feels.

It is a beautiful day outside, so I will go for a run too and fill my lungs with fresh air. Research shows that oxygen in the body prevents cancer from forming and spreading in the tissues. I will focus on each breath and smile beautifully on the inside.

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